Quick Hook System

The Quickhook system is available in two lengths: 18 and 22 centimeters.

The tomato hooks are locked on the cardboard in a set of 40 pieces. An employee takes the cardboard with 40 tomato hooks from the box. With one hand the employee holds the cardboard with the tomato hooks and the other hand has the employee free for hanging. The tomato hooks are hung on the crop thread from the cardboard with a short movement. View the film here.

Advantage: The 40 pieces per carton and the short movement ensure shorter actions and therefore less working hours!

With one single movement you can hang all the rope to size at the same time.

Don’t tangle
The rope is folded on top like an eight.

Don’t scroll
The tomato hooks are locked on the cardboard.

Ease of use
For left and right handed people.

Tomato hooks
The quality of our tomato hook has been unparalleled for more than thirty years. We have had a consistent quality since the early 1980s.

Different rope lengths possible
Shorter lengths per color or per hook possible.

Multiple colors of rope (compostable)
White / yellow / green / red / blue / black

Type of rope
Mainly 1/1200 is used. But also available is 1/1000, 1/1400, 1/1500, Vertomil and Elite Bio.

Proven for years in practice, the best and fastest and therefore the most economical system!

For more information you can view our Quickhook flyer.

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