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Company Profile

Thinking in solutions. Translate requirements and wishes into user-friendly and affordable end products. That is the strength, which is based on years of experience, a refined knowledge of the material and a genuine interest in its application possibilities. Not being able, is not possible in our eyes …

In the late 1960s, the founders Wim and Wilhelmien Delisse started a greenhouse horticulture business in tomatoes. In order to promote the growth and development of own tomato plants, metal and plastic products were developed for their own use. In the early nineties they came up with the high-wire hook or tomato hook with the free-fall bridge. The product for hanging plants and allowing them to drop in the meantime to promote the growth process.

Over the years, the range has been expanded with all kinds of wire products such as:
thread reducers, support brackets, suspension brackets, strawberry brackets, drip hose hooks,
crop wire, fast wire system and wire products made to measure up to Ø 12 mm.
More information about wire products for crop support and greenhouse design
can be found at www.wdpdraadbewerking.nl
The Quickhook system was developed in 2005, which in turn is faster and therefore more cost-effective than the “traditional system”.
The Quickhook system has been used satisfactorily by tomato growers for many years.

W.D. Products Trade B.V. focuses on the development and production of tomato hooks with rope.
Berrie Schuurman has been working in the field from the start.

If you want more information about our products, you can reach us on telephone number +31 (0) 315-820428 or e-mail to info@wdproductstrade.nl